BY USING THIS WEBSITE OR THE CONTENT THEREIN, YOU AGREE TO THE TERMS OF USE. This MrSID file was derived from the 2015 raster dataset, which consists of 8-bit, 4-band (R, G, B, NIR) color orthoimagery. A digital orthoimage is a raster image processed from vertical aerial images in which displacement in the image due to sensor orientation and terrain relief have been removed. Orthoimagery combines the image characteristics of an image with the geometric qualities of a map. Unlike planimetric maps which depict natural and manmade features by means of lines, point symbols, texts and polygons, orthoimagery illustrates the actual images of features and are thus more easily interpreted than regular maps. The normal orientation of data in an orthoimage is by lines (rows) and samples (columns). Each line contains a series of pixels ordered from west to east with the order of the lines from north to south. Each image tile is stored in industry standard TIFF (tagged interchange file format) with an associated TIFF world file. Aerial imagery was acquired between April 12 and 15 2015 from flying heights of approximately 1400-1640 feet above ground level (AGL). Each orthoimage tile is 2500feet X 2500feet in dimension, edge-tied with the adjacent tiles (no gap and no overlap). This dataset is published in NAD_1983_HARN_StatePlane_Michigan_South_FIPS_2111_Feet_Intl_feet.

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