The Detroit Future City Strategic Framework is a land use planning document that was released in 2012. It outlines recommendations for transforming Detroit's land use policies and codes over the next fifty years, and covers a broad range of issues from economic and workforce development to transportation and green infrastructure. The shapes in this file represent the long-term planning framework zones identified in the plan. These zones have been identified based on vacancy and market characteristics, and are intended to shape and guide policy over the next fifty years. The geographies are based off of dissolved parcels from the City of Detroit Planning and Development Department. Field description metadata is available for download. For detailed descriptions of the framework zones, and to learn more about the Detroit Future City initiative, please visit

Dataset Attributes

  • ZONE
    {"value"=>"HV", "count"=>6857} (), {"value"=>"MV2", "count"=>5583} (), {"value"=>"MV1", "count"=>5398} (), {"value"=>"LV2", "count"=>4746} (), {"value"=>"LV1", "count"=>1901} (), {"value"=>"GDT", "count"=>1310} (), {"value"=>"IS", "count"=>1164} (), {"value"=>"IC", "count"=>409} (), {"value"=>"MP", "count"=>81} (), {"value"=>"CEM", "count"=>13} ()

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